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Heal your chronic issues, uplevel your health, and step into that healthy lifestyle you've been dreaming of?

Are you done with trying to figure it all out on your own, and feeling unsupported by the conventional approach?

If you feel that pull that you are ready to address your health from the holistic perspective, I got you! 


 I’d love to help you get to the bottom of it and heal inside and out.

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I am a Holistic Health Coach with a background in Social work, and I'm passionate about helping people take a comprehensive approach for health and beauty, live healthier lifestyles, and embrace the power of their natural selves.

I definitely haven't always been on this path!

Let me tell you how I got here. 

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My health journey started in my early 20's, trying to attain clear skin.  I was frustrated with the medications doctors had been prescribing me for my skin. They came with a slew of unwanted side effects, didn't seem to do the trick effectively, and most importantly- were not addressing the root cause.

I wanted healthy, glowing skin - skin that was not pink all the time.


After trying many different topical products, my dermatologist put me on Accutane - and while it seemed to clear my skin, it left my skin even more sensitive than before and had done inner damage to my body that I had not yet realized. 


And - because it wasn't addressing the root cause of the acne, a few years later, it came back. 


To make a long story short, I was put on a second round of Accutane which was SUPER harsh on my body. As with many medications, I was not told the fine print, side effects, and damage it can do to my body - and it wasn't closely monitored. The only thing I had been told was not to get pregnant while on this medication and had to test each month to confirm I wasn't pregnant because it WILL cause birth defects. Besides for the birth defects, I was told  it was otherwise “safe, nothing to worry about except my skin may get dry and I may get nosebleeds.” 

How can something that WILL cause birth defects be totally safe for my body?

Nothing to worry about??? No other harms, or short and long term effects?


That should have flashed enough of a warning sign to me, but I blindly trusted because I wanted clear skin badly enough. 

Then came the dizziness. 

And double vision.


That freaked the heck out of me. I went to an Urgent Care and they said all was fine, nothing appeared to be off. I was an EMT at the time and a fellow EMT told me his girlfriend had a horrible experience on this medication and he was betting it was likely this medication that was causing my symptoms. I stopped it that very next day. And after a day or two, the dizziness went away…. 


When I asked my dermatologist if diet and lifestyle play a factor into my skin, I was told it played an insignificant role and Accutane was the only option. That did not sit well with me, it didn't make sense that what I put in (and on!) my skin and body daily, and other lifestyle factors did not impact my skin in a significant way!

I was sick of falling for the packaging and advertisements of products promising to heal my skin, dismissing lifestyle and internal factors completely. 


It didn't make sense to me that harsh medications and products full of chemicals were the answer to healthy skin. I felt that there must be another approach. There must be some connection between my health, my skin, my diet, and my lifestyle. My research and learning led me down the path toward learning about the factors that do indeed impact the skin, what needs to be addressed in order to heal the skin, and ignited a passion for Holistic Health, Functional Medicine, and the power of natural healing.

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My learning opened my eyes to the food I was eating and the lifestyle I was living every day. I started doing my own research, took courses and continued learning about skincare, acne, gut, hormones, and the interconnection between lifestyle and health - slowly internalizing it and making changes towards healthy, holistic living.

While studying and learning this for my own health journey, I realized I wasn't alone. So many other people struggle with their skin, only to be put on harsh meds and buy the acne products in the drugstore, and are completely in the dark about lifestyle, the causes of acne, the interconnection of the skin with our health, and the fact that it is NOT just a topical issue.

So many others experience the failure of the conventional model disregarding lifestyle, and so many other people have struggled with harsh treatments, medication overload and the unwanted side effects of traditional medicine - just like me.​

And the most important thing I learned?


Is that chronic acne is a SYMPTOM. It is conventionally treated as a disease and medicated, but chronic acne is A SIGN THAT THERE IS AN IMBALANCE in the body. The skin is communicating there is a deeper issue that needs to be addressed. The issue is showing up on the skin, and requires inner healing, rather than solely topicals or aiming to obliterate the symptoms with medications, without addressing the root of the issue.


While I was working as a Social Worker in the conventional medical world. I began to get frustrated that we were only focusing on one specific area, rather than taking the whole person into account and connecting the dots in a holistic way. 

My clients were anxious, depressed, suicidal, stress eating, dealing with so many difficult life stressors - and my goal and role was to support them through it. However, I was only there to focus on mental health though there were so many other factors I wanted to help them address including nutrition, eating habits, poor digestion, better sleep, irregular periods, acne...

I knew there was a link between so many of their symptoms, but as their Social Worker I wasn't supposed to help them with these issues.


What hurt my heart even more was to see the patients work with doctors who were so quick to medicate their symptoms WITHOUT identifying the underlying issues, connecting all the dots and addressing the lifestyle factors that can hurt or support their health. 

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My goal with The Beauty Shift is to help women feel beautiful as their natural, healthiest self. Health, wellness and beauty is not about just accepting yourself with a face full of acne, surrendering to a battle chronic disease, obesity, or any health issue - it's about loving yourself and being compassionate with yourself regardless of where you are at or what you look like, while giving your body the support, nourishment and care it needs to heal and be your healthiest self - inside and out.​


Our mission is to help women step into their innate beauty, and heal the inner imbalances getting in the way. To help women get ACCESS to the root cause model, since many functional medicine doctors can be very expensive.

To educate and spread awareness on healthy lifestyle practices, how to implement sustainable change, and to help women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin - especially in a time when we are bombarded with unrealistic beauty standards promoted by photoshopped magazines, social media, filters, and influencers.

Here at The Beauty Shift we look at all symptoms, past and present medical history, lifestyle, & support healing of the mind, body, and soul.

We are passionate about supporting the WHOLE you.


We guide you on a personalized plan in the areas you specifically need support and healing in, to to become the healthiest version of yourself.


We are excited to help you heal inside and out, and to step into the power of YOU.


Daniella Epstein


Daniella Epstein

Founder of The Beauty Shift and passionate about natural beauty, non-toxic, holistic living, and that glow that comes from true health, peace of mind, and self love.

As a Social Worker and Health Coach, I'm passionate about supporting the WHOLE you. I love connecting the dots to provide you with comprehensive healing of mind, body and soul.

My goal is to help support my clients by addressing nutrition, healthy lifestyle habits, stress management, and provide you with the tools, and guidance needed to help you heal from the inside out.

Danielle Aliseo


Danelle Aliseo, AGNP, AHN

Danelle is a board-certified holistic nurse practitioner, and the founder and Chief Medical Director of Heal Functional Medicine. She graduated from New York University's nationally acclaimed Adult Primary & Holistic Care Nurse Practitioner Program, and has completed courses in functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine, Autonomic Response Testing through the Klinghardt Academy, and has a certification in Integrative Mental Health through the IMMH Program. She has been working in the medical field for 11 years with 3 of the years experience in functional & integrative medicine. She was drawn to integrative medicine after years of witnessing the suboptimal care that was given through the conventional model - including her own journey and personal experience with infertility, IBS and anxiety, which she was able to correct through the power of natural healing. Through these experiences, she decided to dedicate her life to partnering with her patients to investigate the root cause of their symptoms to help them achieve true healing.

Kelly Mazzotta



Kelly Mazzotta is a brand strategist, copywriter, and website designer who specializes in sustainable, eco-friendly and conscious solutions that help small businesses build brands and websites with beauty AND brains.  With over 20 years of design experience, Kelly is focused on leaving a positive impact on the environment and the people impacted by her designs.

As the creative designer behind The Beauty Shift, she assists with developing and managing our online platform, maintaining our courses and training platforms, managing our marketing platform, and works with our clients who want to build holistic and sustainable businesses of their own. 

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Food as medicine and empowering our bodies and it's natural healing - by giving it what it needs to heal and function properly.


We come from a place of love, respect, compassion, and belief in your ability to heal.

Health goes beyond the food you eat. It's also relationships, stress, sleep, physical activity, mental health, spirituality, meaning, connection and love for yourself.

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