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We live in a time where so many people are experiencing infertility and other fertility related issues. My heart goes out to the women and couples struggling to have children and all of the frustration, sadness, and shattered dreams that surround trying to conceive.

My personal health journey taught me how important it is to look beyond the pharmaceutical “quick fix”, to connect the dots between symptoms and listen to the symptoms as messages from our body. I learned the importance of looking deeper for potential root causes, imbalances, and dis-ease within the body, as well as the influential impact our lifestyle has on our health. 


I am a believer in the power of the body and supporting its natural ability to heal.

When given the right tools and support to rebalance specific issues, our body can truly heal. I believe in the importance of taking a deep, honest look at lifestyle, and the interconnection of symptoms, before going straight to medications. Medications won't address the CAUSE of the issue, it will only suppress the symptoms.

What if there are underlying issues that can be healed?

What if there were underlying factors that have not ben looked at yet, that can be addressed rather than stay undetected?

What if there are lifestyle factors that can be identified and improved for fertility?


What if there were both healing and preventative measures that can be taken to help a couple conceive naturally, or in conjunction with conventional medicine to strengthen their likelihood of a healthy, successful pregnancy?

And what if there are shifts in lifestyle that can enable a healthier pregnancy, healthier baby, and healthier postpartum healing?

fertility doctor near me

You may be new to this "diagnosis", or you may have tried everything. You may be holistic minded, or just open minded and want to learn more to see if this may be something that can help you.

Either way, I'm glad you’re here. I'd love to support you toward health, hope, and healing.

infertility doctor near me

Who Do we help?

1. Those struggling with infertility/ on the TTC journey and want to have a look at deeper potential contributing factors, underlying causes, and both medical and holistic perspective .


2. Those who want to add holistic elements to their IVF or IUI journey to increase chances for success.

3. Those who want to optimize their fertility- they have not been diagnosed with infertility but want to learn how to best prepare their body for both a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

What do we do?

Our goal is to provide couples with Holistic Medicine alternatives for fertility.

The Fertility Shift is a platform that will connect you with vetted Holistic Practitioners, as well as be here as a support through your journey. 

The Fertility Shift offers resources, and guidance that goes beyond the conventional approach to infertility.


All Practitioners through The Fertility Shift will take a Holistic approach through the lens of either Functional Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other natural healing modalities.

Each provider takes a personalized, comprehensive approach to identify your individual needs, deficiencies, potential imbalances, and contributing factors. Fertility issues don't happen in a vacuum. There are other underlying issues going on in the body that need healing.

Each practitioner has been personally interviewed by me, to ensure they are providers I would personally use , or recommend to friends or family.


Have a Question?

Fill out the form below with any questions you may have and I will be in toch to answer you shortly <3

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How Does It Work?

1. Purchase
The Fertility Shift Guide
for instant access to a list of vetted Holistic Fertility Providers,
education resources, articles,  research on related topics. and recipes.



2.  Reach out to the Provider of Choice, letting them know you are from The Fertility Shift to get started on your healing.

Be in touch with me if you have further questions about Providers and which route is best for you.


3. Receive monthly check ins, 
Members only Q & A on fertility topics, and discounted
Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Therapy sessions geared specifically toward fertility, preconception, pregnancy,  postpartum, and other health goals to support your healing jourrney.

Want to help couples struggling with infertility?

Donate to the The Fertility Shift to help couples struggling with infertility have access to Holistic infertility care. All donations go towards off-setting the cost of in depth testing and appointments for couples in need.

Click the link below to let us know how much you'd like to donate and we'll send you an invoice.


A very important core value for the The Beauty Shift is that we want to make this level of care ACCESSIBLE and AFFORDABLE for all of our clients. While you will have to pay for the care and expertise you're receiving, we want to make sure holistic, integrative and whole healing is available and within reach for everyone. We pride ourselves on keeping our prices reasonable and affordable, unlike the expensive options we see in so many functional medicine clinics or specialty medical centers.

While we do have licensed and board-certified medical providers on our staff, we are not a primary care or medical facility. Our mission is centered around women's health, beauty and wellness, not disease management or severe medical issues. If you are seeking a medical provider to diagnose, manage or treat a severe medical condition, please visit your primary healthcare provider for recommendations. If you don't have a primary care provider, we may be able to give you a recommendation, based on your location.

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