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holistic health coach

Hi, I'm Daniella.

I'm a holistic health coach with a background in social work who is passionate about living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and embracing the power of our natural selves.


holistic health coach

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A whole-healing approach to health, wellness, and beauty.

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Guides you as you navigate food sensitivities & symptoms, implement healthier habits and make lifestyle changes for sustainable change.

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My Non-Toxic, Clean Beauty, & Wellness Favorites from Amazon

As you know, I am a bit obsessed with all things health, wellness, beauty, and non-toxic living related. While I really try to support small businesses, (and there are so many I love!), I can't deny that Amazon is super clutch and convenient, with the fast shipping and huge variety of products.

In honor of Amazon Prime Day, I wanted to share my Beauty Shift approved Amazon favorites. It's a perfect way to try out some non-toxic beauty and wellness swaps, while saving on the Prime Day deals!

Summer Faves:

I love this non-toxic brand that makes sunscreen, aftersun care, and bug spray. It goes on smoothly, is non greasy, and leaves no white residue!

Zinc- Based Spf for Kids + sensitive skin.

It's so pretty, won't leach toxic chemicals into your water like plastic bottles, and will remind you to keep drinking to stay hydrated!

Pro tip: squeeze in some lemon for extra refreshing hydration and health benefits.

Skincare Faves:

My all time favorite moisturizer.

I've tried SO many, and this one vibes perfectly with my skin. It moisturizes effectively without any greasiness, leaves no white residue, can double as a makeup primer, and is full of nourishing ingredients for healthy skin.

It's especially great for sensitive and acne prone skin, and is super affordable!

We gotta have a spot treatment on hand just in case, and this one works really well and has clean ingredients that aim to fight breakouts.

Perfect for beginners who want to try out gua sha.

Personal Care and Beauty Faves:

Health and Fitness Faves

  • Bala Weights- for arms or legs (& so pretty!)

  • Megaspore Probiotics: Not all probiotics are one size fits all, as it depends on what's going on in your gut. This spore-based strain of probiotics are beneficial for most, even those with gut issues like SIBO.

  • EMF laptop Pad. Protect your lap from radiation! Really don't put your laptop on your legs without an EMF protector, because you are literally radiating your legs.

  • Shower filter! It's super easy to install (I did it on my own, and I'm not very handy lol so that says a lot!). You really don't want to shower in contaminated water. This will help support your hair, skin, body and overall health due to minimizing the toxic exposure you'd be exposing yourself to without it.

  • Bath filter! Baths can be so relaxing and detoxifying. But You don't want to do a detox bath while you're sitting in contaminated water. Here's what I use. And here's another one.

  • Glass Food Storage Containers. No more BPA and EDCs getting into your food. This was my favorite purchase from Prime Day last year. So worth it!

And lastly,

Fave Books

Thanks for reading! I hope this blog helps you find some non-toxic, clean beauty and healthy living products that you might have needed the push to try out!

Sometimes making swaps or trying new products can be overwhelming, so it is better to go by recommendations from a friend, which is what you got here ;) All recs are what I love, only.

Let me know what you get and how you like it!

Message me on Instagram to connect <3 or to let me know if this was helpful for you!



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