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holistic health coach

Hi, I'm Daniella.

I'm a holistic health coach with a background in social work who is passionate about living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and embracing the power of our natural selves.


holistic health coach

authentic beauty

A whole-healing approach to health, wellness, and beauty.

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women's wellness


Guides you as you navigate food sensitivities & symptoms, implement healthier habits and make lifestyle changes for sustainable change.

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Develop Better Habits

Download a FREE copy of our "5 Habits for Beauty & Wellness" guide to develop the habits for better beauty, health and wellness without all the overwhelm.

Black Friday Deals for Wellness

If you've been wanting to uplevel your health, now is a great time!

Take advantage of the sales to buy what you need to support health and healing, as well as items you've had in the back of your mind that you know would be better for your health, but put off due to price or just not getting around to buying it.

I'd love to share some of my favorites to help you utilize the sales and support your health!

See below for my favorites in the categories I like to prioritize for my health.

1. Clean water.

You likely know that our water system is full of toxins, including heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, endocrine disruptors, residue from medications... Water is essential for our health, however contaminated water is NOT the way to better health!

If you don't yet have a water filter, now is a great time to invest in one.

My current favorite water filters are: Berkey and Live Pristine

2. non- Toxic Deodorant.

If you are nervous to make the switch worried that non toxic deodorant will not be effective. I'm telling you, it 100% works (just get a good brand!) and it is SO worth it to not be rubbing toxins on to your sensitive underarm area!

My current faves are Cleo and Coco (code SAVE20) and Just Ingredients (20% everything!).

3. Immune boosting supplements

Perfect time of year to stock up on some immune boosting supplements, especially since so many people seem to be getting sick now! Fullscript is having a 25% off sale Nov 25-29.

I've shared my fave immune boosting supps here. You can also see below for my fave immune tinctures.

4. Skincare, personal care, makeup.

Really great sale going on at Living Libations- I especially like to keep their Zippity Dew Dab on hand for breakouts (if you're looking for something to stop or heal a pimple, this one actually works and is not full of harsh chemicals!) and I love their floss! They're known for their famous "Best Skin Ever" Seabuckthorn oil, and I'm also a big fan of their Pearl Powder for gentle exfoliation.

The best double cleansing duo I've tried so far is by Savor Beauty. I'm also in love with their cake batter face masks, so shopping the Savor Beauty Sale is a must if you're looking for new skincare products or are a non toxic, holistic skincare junkie like me :)

Safe & Chic is a one stop shop with tons of clean brands for beauty and personal care.

5. Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, skin, Cramp, Immune!

Whichever category you need support in, you must try these tinctures! These herbal blends really work! I haven't tried em all, but have been so happy with the (many) ones I have tried.

Both Wooden Spoon Herbs and Wish Garden Herbs have amazing blends for anxiety, stress, immune boost, cramp release, skin healing... Wish Garden Herbs has a line for kids as well.

Support your skin with gua sha and facial cupping tools to address congestion and stagnation of the skin. These tools promote circulation of oxygen and blood flow as well as detoxification for your skin and lymphatic system. (I have a gua sha I love and I'm excited to try the cupping!)

Let me know if you try something, and how you like it!

I always love hearing from you.

Wishing you a healthy & Happy Thanksgiving, and stress-free, intentional BF shopping!



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